5 Fun Sweatshirts For Spring

This week has felt like spring here in Brooklyn! Which of course means I’ve been bouncing off the walls with giddiness because nothing brightens my mood like breezy, 60 degree, sunshine filled weather!

The warmer weather has also had me itching to ditch my winter wardrobe (primarily fleece-lined leggings, long sleeved t-shirts and oversize sweaters) for jeans and cute, comfy sweatshirts. Growing up in Naples, Florida I hardly ever wore jeans as a teenager. It was just too hot and denim felt like it stuck to my skin and made it hard for me to move, still something that drives me crazy about certain types of pant material. Jeans have been something I’ve very much embraced only in the last few years as an adult!

I asked my sister (my go-to stylist whenever I’m looking for something a bit funky and fun––have you seen the jacket she recently gifted me?? I’m obsessed with it!) to find me a new cute springtime sweatshirt.

And voliá! She found these five fun sweatshirts for me from Urban Outfitters that are perfect for spring! Now I just need help choosing one because I want them all 🙂

Spring sweatshirts sorry not sorry Urban Outfitters

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Future is yours crewneck sweatshirt Urban Outfitters

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knotted crop hoodie urban outfitters

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What are you looking forward to wearing this spring. & which one of these sweatshirts do you like the most?!

P.S. This post is not sponsored, my sister just happened to find all of these sweatshirts at Urban and I wanted to share them with you!


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