How Do You Say Hello On A First Date?

Saying hello on a first date always makes me a bit nervous! I usually go for a hug (because, well, I’m a hugger!). Sometimes I kiss on the cheek too, but more so out of habit, because I’m used to saying hello to people in the salsa scene that way. (In case you were wondering most people are okay with the hug and a little caught off guard by the kiss.)

I asked some of my friends how they greet the other person on a first date and if they get as nervous as I do about that first interaction! Sharing their responses below: 

“I always get nervous about that moment! Especially if we’re meeting up at a venue I’ve never been to before.”

“I am pretty awkward in a lot of social situations, so saying hello for the first time is always an interesting part of a first date with someone. I’ve learned to just be okay with being awkward, it’s actually one of the things I really like about myself! I think it keeps things interesting and always makes for great stories later on with my friends. Sometimes I go for a hug, sometimes I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I shook someone’s hand on a first date.”

“Looking back on all the relationships I’ve had, long or short, good or bad, I think I knew how the relationship was going to go from those first few moments, whether or not I wanted to admit it at the time.”

“I don’t think it matters too much honestly. Everyone’s different, everyone has different ways of greeting new people depending on how they were raised or where they grew up. But I think what does matter is how does the other person’s interaction make you feel? I ask myself that a lot.” 

How do you say hello on a first date? Do you hug, shake hands, smile at him and refrain from physical touch all together? Let me know in the comments below! 

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