Lake Atilan Guatemala If you're planning a trip

I highly suggest visiting Lake Atilán, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

You can also hike from Xela to Atilán with Quetzal Trekkers and watch the sunrise over the lake. (I’ve never done this exact hike, but I’ve done similar sunrise hikes around the world, and I think getting up early to watch the sun rise is always worth it!)

If you’re looking for a good Spanish school, I studied at Celas Maya and highly recommend it! It’s one of the larger schools in the town, with a big outdoor courtyard where you can study during the day, and they organize a lot of fun (optional) activities for students throughout the week.

Make sure you go out salsa dancing while you’re in Guatemala too! Ask the locals where you should go (as salsa spots tend to change rather frequently) and if you’re in Xela, I’ve heard La Parranda is still the place to go dancing on Wednesday nights!

You should also check out my friend Champion Alvarado’s dance studio in Xela called, Esecenic. They have a bunch of classes and throw monthly socials.

If you have any other recs for someone planning a trip to Guatemala, leave them below👇