Some of the nice things people have said about working with me:

“In my entire professional career, I’ve encountered only a select few individuals of Brielle’s caliber.  She is incredibly intelligent, insanely creative, and has one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen.  If you want one person on your team, it’s Brielle.”

– Ryan Gibbons, V.P. Business Operations at Rustic Pathways

“Maintaining careful attention to detail with grasping complexities of a larger picture, Brielle can project with confidence and success”

– Sadie Kurzban, CEO 305 Fitness

“She is creative and an effective communicator. I think what makes her a great manager is her ability to adapt. She is constantly coming up with better ways to run meetings or keep track of everyone’s projects. Because she is constantly adjusting and striving for the best possible approach and outcome, she leads by example. I both trusted her and wanted to do good work for her while I was completing a contract on her team.”

– Evey Wilson, Journalist and Documentary Filmmaker