Writer, dancer, and marketing consultant based in New York City.

Writing. Dancing. Marketing. 

Those may seem disparate, but in the digital era I’ve discovered they’re not. Mostly, I love bringing ideas to life, especially those that make people feel more understood and less alone. I excel at bringing order to a lot of information and using data and empathy to find creative solutions to business challenges. 

From 2014 – 2018, I directed editorial and marketing initiatives at Rustic Pathways where I developed and implemented a sales and marketing strategy that helped triple annual revenue. I’ve also worked with some of the top lifestyle and fashion brands including Awesomeness TV, Rachel Roy, and Five Minutes for Mom.  In the spring of 2018, frustrated by the lack of good content about my greatest love–– salsa dancing–– I founded a dance and lifestyle site called Vitamin B that covers dance, travel, and lifestyle. 

When I’m not helping brands and companies connect with their audiences, I teach, perform and compete in Latin dance around the world. Most recently, I won the 2019 World Salsa Summit Rising Star Championship and the 2018 Canada Salsa Soloist Championship. A full list of my competitive titles can be found here

Sunshine, good coffee, and getting on a plane make me happy. I love staying in bed on Sunday mornings and pretty much anything that sparkles. I believe deeply in human connection, in the power of movement, and in sharing stories candidly.

You can find my blog here and my published writing here. Please email me if you’d like to learn more about working together.

Brielle Friedman - digital editor, brand strategist, professional dancer