Brand strategist, business coach, professional dancer, and believer in big dreams 

My marketing journey began in college when I won Brown University’s prestigious business plan competition for my work on BodyRox Fitness, a boutique fitness company that later launched in New York City as 305 Fitness and quickly became one of the most successful studios in the country.
I went on to direct brand and marketing at a global travel company where I redesigned the brand, built a digital marketing acquisition strategy from the ground up, and hired an eight-person team – all while competing in amaturer dance competitions across North America.
By the end, I had grown annual revenue from $10m to $36m and had a new, big professional opportunity on the horizon. But instead of feeling excited about continuing to move up in my corporate marketing career, I felt apathetic about all of it. I dreamed of  being a professional Salsa dancer, traveling the world teaching and performing, and I wanted to use everything I had learned – as a dancer, artist, manager, leader, marker, and strategist – to inspire and support women in their own professional and personal lives.
So I did a lot of deep, internal emotional work, learned how to give myself permission to do the things I actually wanted to do, and got to work doing them. I debuted and won my first professional dance competition. I moved out of a run-down apartment and into a sunny one-bedroom of my own. And I started using my brand and marketing expertise to help other women launch their ideas into the world.
Today, my coaching and strategic consulting draws upon what I learned from 7+ years in corporate marketing, as well as my artistic journey as a dancer who started pursuing her craft later in life.
I love sunshine, good coffee, and pretty much anything that sparkles. Guatemala has a special place in my heart and I will never pass up freshly baked bread.
I believe in leaading with your heart, and that when you give yourself permission to do the damn thing you’ve spent most of your life avoiding because other people, society, etc. made you feel like it wasn’t good enough, or you shouldn’t, couldn’t do it, magical things start to happen.