Work With Me

Let’s Create

Interested in collaborating? Email me at I am currently based in Brooklyn, NY but can often be found in San Francisco or Seattle too. I also attend several dance events domestically and internationally each year and enjoy exploring new places and working on new projects!

Job Application Review + Career Coaching

Need help with your resume or cover letter? Not sure how to prepare for an interview? Terrified of networking? I’d love to help! I’ve reviewed hundreds of job applications and hired more than 50 employees in the past three years. I can help you identify what’s missing from your cover letter or resume and share expert tips that will help you stand out in any interview.  

Content Creation & Editing 

I love working with writers and content creators! Shoot me a message if you need an editor, are looking for new content for your business, or want some help brainstorming. Creative partners help bring out our best ideas!

Marketing & Brand Consulting 

Not sure how to reach your target audience? Not sure who your target audience is?! Or have questions about how to prioritize a small advertising budget? I love working with brands to help them tell their story in a way that resonates with who they are trying to reach.

Need Advice About Something Else Entirely? 

Like how to ask out that cute guy you always see at the coffee shop? Or how to negotiate a raise at work? Where you should go on a solo vacation?

Ask me anything. Seriously! I love sharing advice and talking through challenges. & I promise that I’ll always be 100% honest about my own experiences.