Happy Valentines Day Brielle FriedmanOne of my favorite Valentine’s Day was when I stayed up all night drinking red wine in bed with my significant other. We talked and kissed under the covers until sunlight started to creep through the curtains and we both couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer.

I remember feeling so happy.

The wine, I’m sure helped that feeling. So too did the oxytocin that’s released from physical touch. And the fact that it was warm underneath those covers, and winter in Rhode Island was especially harsh that year, made worse by the fact that I was living in an old, drafty apartment.

But I was happy too because at the time everything about the evening felt so quintessentially “us.”

It was exactly how I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day with him. To me, everything about the evening was perfect. From the way he arrived at my front door, to the way we finally fell asleep. It had all the small idiosyncrasies that define a relationship and don’t make sense to anyone else but the two of you. When it feels like you are the only two people in the entire world.

I love that feeling.

While there are lots of ways we could have celebrated the holiday that year, I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed them as much because they wouldn’t have quite felt like “us.”

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory? & What are you doing today to celebrate today?!

with love,