• Get ready to connect more deeply with yourself and your partner during this intimate movement experience.  We'll start by creating a safe, intimate space for you to connect (think soft lighting and alluring incense). This will allow you to let go of stress and leave behind tasks and responsibilities. Next, I'll lead you through a warm-up movement sequence to open your body and clear your mind.

    Then, I'll guide you through a series of movement and dance-based activities that help you connect with your physical self and release tension and fear. We will focus on finding joy and confidence in your body, and then sharing that through movement with your partner in a way that feels authentically you.

    *After booking, you will be emailed a link to schedule your session along with a short questionnaire to help me get to know you and your partner. Every partnership is different and every movement session is different. These sessions are designed to help you more fully connect with your body and use the power of dance to release judgmental energy, so you can show up more fully with your partner and go deeper in all aspects of your relationship. This is not a sexual experience in any way.     
  • Dive into a specific area of your business, gain brand clarity, and develop marketing strategies that are right for you, your unique industry, product, and audience. This service is part business coaching, part brand and marketing consulting. How It Works: 
    • After you book, you'll receive a custom questionnaire to be completed before our 1:1 session. This helps us both understand your vision, where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, and what matters most to you.
    • We meet virtually for up to 2.5 hours and dive in! I'll ask you questions, reflect back to you what you want, and use my brand and marketing expertise to craft a strategy that's right for you and your goals.
    • You'll leave our session with at least three specific, actionable next steps to take to elevate your brand + marketing strategy.
    • You'll also receive 7 days of email access after our session for follow-up questions or clarifications
    Depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey we may cover...
    • developing a core group of offerings
    • which platforms/apps to use to run your business online
    • setting prices and negotiating with clients to get paid your worth
    • promoting your offerings in a way that feels authentically you
    • finding your voice (online and IRL) as a creative, entrepreneur, or industry leader
    • developing income streams/products that are sustainable
    • building an audience or activating the one you already have
    • landing press features and brand partnerships
    • automating bookings, customer service, and other areas of your business so you can spend more time doing what you love
    • brand values, consumer messaging, and other brand foundational assets
    • & more!
  • Bring Your Idea to Life

    Bring Your Idea to Life is my signature 10-week Brand Development & Marketing Strategy program.  This program is for serious new (and new-ish!) entrepreneurs and creatives who want to stop thinking about their dreams and start seeing results. You are willing to learn new ways of doing things and put in consistent work to get real results. How It Works: 
    • This is a hands-on, entirely customized, one-on-one program. I work with you intentionally and empathetically to help you develop your brand and share your story with the world in a way that feels good. I believe your personal brand is an extension of who you are, and that when done right, marketing yourself (or your services) should feel easy, natural, and good.
    • Our work together is broken up into three phases: Visioning, Creation, and Execution. 
      • Visioning: We get clear about what your brand stands for and the unique difference you make in the world.
      • Creation: We craft stories you can use to share your message and sell your services in a way that feels good.
      • Execution: We put systems in place to ensure your success moving forward
    • During our work together, we also address any limiting beliefs or stories you're telling yourself that might be getting in the way of you launching your idea into the world and actually getting paid for your passion.
    You'll walk away from our work together with a clear understanding of your...
    • Brand identity, including your values, colors, and positioning.
    • Target audience (as well as where and how to reach them online)
    • Content pillars and how to translate them into unique stories that capture your ideal customer and generate sales/clients for your business (even if you're not a natural writer or creator)
    • Marketing strategy and why these initiatives are right for your unique idea,
    ...and a deep belief in yourself and your ability to successfully bring your vision to life! What's Included: 
    • Big Dreams Vision Workbook
    • 8 strategy sessions (60-minutes each!) -
    • Custom action items and checklists to keep you on track to success (delivered weekly)
    • 10 weeks of intentional support via Slack
    • Brand Guidelines, Content Strategy, and Social Media Marketing Plan