What Clients are Saying…

Working with you has been such a great boost to my business and my general wellbeing. Not only have the revenues for my business hit an all-time high, but I also feel more impressed with my own achievements. I tend to dismiss my achievements the moment they happen and I am grateful for your help in helping me combat this unhealthy (and unprofitable) thought pattern. You truly have helped me take my business to the next level and I’m excited about the work we have ahead of us. Thank you!”

— Sophia Matveeva

“Brielle helped me with so much more than marketing! She basically reorganized my whole business and is helping me get clarity about where I need to prioritize and where I want to go. Starting your own business is quite scary and can be overwhelming. I feel so much more at ease since working with Brielle. I have loved working with her and am looking forward to continuing working together. She has been very helpful in guiding me along the way and provided me with many useful resources, knowledge, and ideas. If you’re considering working with Brielle, go for it!”

— Annika S. 

Annika S.

“Brielle has absolutely transformed the way that I run my business. As we’ve developed a new strategy, I am so much clearer on where to direct people on my website, how to encourage them to engage with me, and how to nurture leads into paying customers. I’m thrilled with our work together and so grateful Brielle has been my ally to help my business grow!”

Elissa Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection

Elissa Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection

“When I started working with Brielle I barely had an idea of a business. Within a few months, I had a plan, a website, a pricing structure, and a social media calendar. I couldn’t believe what my passion had turned into, and am so grateful that Brielle helped guide me there.”

— Allie W. 

Allie W. former client

“Working with Brielle was a lovely experience. For someone who has never experienced this kind of coaching, I am really glad that I invested in myself, my business, and Brielle. She is passionate about what she does and about helping people grow and make money off of their passions. If you are on the fence about working with her, I highly recommend working with her.”

— Isabel Freiberger, artist, choreographer, and business owner

“Working with Brielle brought clarity and focus to my work. She helped me dive right into the multitude of ideas I had swimming around in my head, and we explored each one in a systematic but playful way. Working with Brielle gave me a toolbox of skills and helped me cultivate a fearless approach to writing. If you’re thinking about working with Brielle, don’t think twice — she’s a gifted coach and you’ll benefit tremendously from her knowledge, thoughtfulness, and skill.”

— Kristina Y.

“I am so happy to have found Brielle! She helped me make tangible steps towards preparing myself for new job opportunities. She encouraged me and built my confidence in my previous experience. I definitely feel more focused on how to speak about my experience and really own it. Brielle was a joy to work with and such a kind soul. “

— Rachel M.

Marisa testimonail
“I hired Brielle to speak with about 15 women feeling lost and generally uninterested in their careers and lives. Out of all the experts that came in to speak during the workshop series, Brielle’s workshop captivated the group the most. She has an incredible way of sharing her personal experience vulnerably and authentically while delivering specific and useful information about branding, marketing, and general business strategies that can be applied across all areas of your life. The women could not stop talking about the workshop!”

Marisa L. 

“Brielle is an amazingly talented business coach and she will help you get where you want to go with your dreams. I’m saying this because, firsthand, I watched her take a small company’s online presence from virtually zero and make it explode all over the internet – increasing web traffic and likes and ultimately generating business. I watched her build a team of creatives around her and lead them with grace and passion. And I watched her take the risk to venture out on her own and prove it can. be. done.

I’m also saying this because I’m a client. Brielle has been my business coach for several months now. She’s taken a pipe dream I started 10 years ago and finally made it a reality. She holds me accountable, teaches me marketing strategies, personal development, how to fight my fear, and how to make my website do what I want it to do! She is so passionate about helping others bring their dreams to life and I have no doubt she can tackle any dream you throw at her. So what are you waiting for?? Get started! Your future self will thank you for it.”

Rachel D. 

Rachel D.
Sonali N. headshot
“Brielle helped me figure out what marketing tools and tactics I need at this early stage of my startup. Her recommendations are personalized to every company, yet simple and effective to follow. I highly recommend working with her if you are seeking an approachable expert for your marketing needs!”

Sonali N.