What Are You Watching On Netflix?

what are you watching on netflixWhat are you watching on Netflix these days?

I don’t watch a ton of shows (my co-workers often tease me because I never get their TV or movie references), but I do have a few favorites…Grace & Frankie is one of them.

I really enjoy the dynamic between the two main characters as well as the big family blowouts that happen every few episodes. They’re just so real!

Season 4, episode 8 had a great one. Grace spilled the beans about something Sal told Frankie a few days ago that really upsets Robert, all while a young couple who just moved next door was having a very private conversation about their relationship in front of the group.

The scene had me laughing out loud and got me thinking about why big, difficult conversations tend to erupt in total strangers. Is there something about talking in front of people you don’t know that makes it easier to say all the things and ask all the questions you couldn’t ask when the two of you were alone?

What do you think? Have you ever had a BIG conversation in front of people you don’t know at all? How did that go? 


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