Workshop Materials

The following workshop materials have been provided as examples to showcase some of the previous workshops and speaking engagements I’ve facilitated. Please note the materials below may not be distributed or reproduced without written permission from Brielle Friedman Creative.

How to Follow Your Heart In Your Professional Career

How To Follow Your Heart is my signature keynote and workshop experience. During it, I lead attendees through a series of reflective exercises to reconnect to what it is they truly desire and move closer to that vision in their professional and personal lives. I also incorporate a movement exercise that allows participants to experience the creative and meditative powers of dance and practice reconnect to their physical selves to help them tap into their true desires and values.

Your Brand Story + Why It Matters

This workshop and workbook activity was specifically designed for a group of dance studio owners from across the United States.

Creative Writing in a Digital World

This interactive workshop and blogging workbook was created for teenagers ages 14 – 17 as part of a larger fellowship program I developed for Rustic Pathways.